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An Ambulance Driver's
Experiences in World War II

From Omaha Beach to the Malmédy Massacre


Howard E. Nixon

6 April 1923 - 29 December 2001

We went from Amsterdam by train to Sweden. We were confused where to get on and what train to take. A young lady came up to us and said, "Follow me. I'm going part way. Just carry my suitcase," which I was glad to do. She got us to the right train. We switched trains and she was gone.

Some of the trip was by boat across Denmark. We saw Betty's relation and went to Lapland and saw reindeer. Then back to Sweden and then flew home.

So many years have gone by since the war and I had almost forgotten some of the horrible things I had seen. Writing about my experiences brought back some memories. I have awakened up at night and I hear the bombs, the mortar and artillery. I see the destruction of houses, and towns, the dead men, horses and cattle, and the burning vehicles. I see the wounded and feel the pain. I see the shell shocked men out of their mind. And I wonder why did this have to happen. I breath a prayer for those who gave their lives and a prayer for peace that will last. Amen.

POSTSCRIPT - On 29 December 2001 Howard E. Nixon died unexpectedly near his home in Cherry Grove Twp., Wexford Co., Michigan, at the end of a successful day of deer hunting with a neighbor. He had bagged his deer and had started cleaning it. Suddenly he stood up, said he didn't feel well, and stepped away to sit down. Soon afterward he passed away. It was just about three months after his story was first posted on the Internet.

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