ZADOCK HAWKINS Book Information

74. Denica "Denicy"4 HAWKINS (Zadock3 HAWKINS, Zadock2 HAWKINS, Zadock1 HAWKINS) was born on 31 Aug 1808 in Pendleton Co., Kentucky, USA. She was also called "Nicy." The part of Pendleton Co., Kentucky, where she was born later split off and became Grant Co., Kentucky. She died on 27 Nov 1890 in Argos, Marshall Co., Indiana, USA. Dr. Hawkins' book has the following to say about Denicy. "After the death of Mr Hill, Sr. (father of W. W. Hill), Denica married a Mr. Finney of Argos, Indiana... Denica died at the age of 84 years."

She was married to Jordan HILL on 27 Jan 1825 in Grant Co., Kentucky, USA. The family of Jordan Hill appeared on the 1830 U.S. Census in Campbell Co., Kentucky. Jordan HILL was born between 1800 and 1810 in Lexington, Kentucky. He resided about 1828 in Covington, Kentucky, USA. He died in 1837 in Covington, Kentucky, USA. After his death, his wife moved the family to Bartholomew Co., Indiana, where her parents lived at the time. Denica "Denicy" HAWKINS and Jordan HILL had the following children:

child+338 i. William W.5 HILL.
child+339 ii. George W.5 HILL.

She was married to James FINNEY on 15 Mar 1837 in Anderson, Madison Co., Indiana, USA. After Denicy died, James married Rebecca (Brandom) Hawkins, who had been married to Denicy's brothers, first to Elisha and then to Elijah after Elisha died. James FINNEY was born about 1816 in Pennsylvania, USA. He died on 30 Oct 1895 in Argos, Marshall Co., Indiana, USA. Denica "Denicy" HAWKINS and James FINNEY had the following children:

child+340 i. Ezra E.5 FINNEY.
child341 ii. Amos F.5 FINNEY was born on 6 Apr 1841 in Miami Co., Indiana, most likely. He probably never married because his mother stated in 1879 that he had neither a widow nor child under 16 years of age surviving him at that time. He died on 19 Apr 1863. He was buried in Washington or Lawson Cemetery, Union Twp., Marshall Co., Indiana. Some records place his death on 20 April 1863. Still others place it as much as a month later.
child+342 iii. Margaret Ann5 FINNEY.
child+343 iv. Francis Marion5 FINNEY.
child+344 v. John S.5 FINNEY.
child345 vi. William Riley5 FINNEY was born on 28 Sep 1854. He died on 13 Mar 1898 in Marshall Co., Indiana, USA.

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