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338. William W.5 HILL (Denica "Denicy"4 HAWKINS, Zadock3 HAWKINS, Zadock2 HAWKINS, Zadock1 HAWKINS) was born on 6 Feb 1830 in Covington, Kentucky, USA. He appeared on the 1850 U.S. Census with his mother and step father, James Phiney [sic] in Marshall Co., Indiana. He died on 8 Jul 1920 in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana, USA. He was buried 10 July 1920 in Oak Hill Cemetery.
Dr. Hawkins' book reports that, "W. W. Hill moved from Kentucky to Plymouth, Indiana, where he established a bakery in connection with a store. He was first however in the employ of Newton R. Packard, who was elected Clerk of Marshall County and the following year Mr. Hill bought out the cooking utensils and apparatus from Mr. Packard and established himself in the business continuing actively in the same line throughout the rest of his life. Few men, if any, can look back over a longer stretch of business life, with so few days of absence, as could Mr. Hill. He, in the highest sense, attended to his own business and while his life was quiet and simple he surrounded himself with a host of friends. He died in the year 1916 [ sic] at the ripe old age of 86 years."

In addition to being a baker, he was also a fireman. It is not clear what his actual role was. However, his name appears as one of 50 to 60 signers of the constitution for the Protection Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 which was filed in the Clerk's Office 24 February 1858.

He was married to Joanna ANGERMAN (daughter of John F. ANGERMAN) on 6 Jan 1857 in Marshall Co., Indiana, USA. Dr. Hawkins' book suggests a marriage date one year earlier than the year reported here which was derived from Marshall Co., Indiana records. Joanna ANGERMAN was born on 21 Feb 1840 in the vicinity of Berlin, Germany. She died on 21 Apr 1912 in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana, USA, most likely. Dr. Hawkins' book suggests her name was spelled Anzerman. However, the marriage record spells her name Angerman. Also, an Amelia Angerman living with William and Joanna in the 1870 census had to be a relative. Her name was recorded as Angerman.

William W. HILL and Joanna ANGERMAN had the following children:

child+928 i. Frederick W.6 HILL.
child929 ii. Laura6 HILL was born on 20 Sep 1861 in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana, USA, most likely. She died on 10 Jun 1863 in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana, USA, most likely.
child+930 iii. Anna B.6 HILL.
child931 iv. Ida6 HILL was born on 31 Mar 1869 in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana, USA, most likely. She died on 30 Aug 1869 in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana, USA, most likely.

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