Genealogy Research Standards

Every genealogist is forced at one time or another to decide whether the available evidence is sufficient to prove that a particular person belongs in a particular family or that a woman married a particular man. The effort that makes up this work is no exception.

Every name in this genealogy was included because there were credible reasons to include it in the place it appears. Associated with every name is a notes file containing sources. These notes files were not included on the web site because of the sheer volume of information associated with the notes.

Although I consider most of the names and associations to be indisputable, there are also many names that I have included which came from old compilations from ancestors and distant relatives. In many cases I have not had the time to verify the names and associations and therefore would not be surprised if someone contacted me with an update or correction. However, in all cases I based my conclusions about the accuracy of claims for relationships on the proximity of the source to the person about whom the information refers. Therefore, a person claiming to be a grandchild of someone would be afforded more credibility than someone claiming a 2nd cousin saw a paper once that claimed someone knew that a certain ancestor came to America on the Mayflower or whatever.

Some of the records I had access to were hand written compilations that were difficult to read and in some cases appear to be hand copied from other hand written versions of the same information. All of this makes it possible and even likely that someone including myself misread or incorrectly copied a record.

Given the possibility and, in fact the high probability that there are some of these errors, one might suggest the information should not be included. However, I decided to include not only the "proven" associations that I have researched extensively but also the "highly probably" associations that I have not fully checked out. I do this in hopes of providing more clues to other genealogical researchers and getting feedback from other genealogists.

For any researcher who questions a relationship or has drawn a contradictory conclusion, I would welcome the opportunity to present the facts I used and compare them with the contradictions to arrive at the "truth" and to change my records if necessary.