36. Mabel Rose3 NIXON (Amos Van Buren2 NICKERSON, Jeremiah S.1 NICKERSON) was born on 27 Jul 1882 in South Liberty, Indiana. Her family moved to Cherry Grove Twp., Wexford Co., Michigan when she was six weeks old. She appeared on the 1900 U.S. Census with her parents in Cherry Grove. She died on 6 Aug 1956 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. She died of a stroke. She was buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Cadillac, Michigan. Mabel was a school teacher. As a young woman she taught at the Wheeler School, which was at least two miles away. She made the trip each day on foot, carrying an umbrella in case it rained. One day a mother bear was in the road with her cubs blocking Mabel's path. Mabel opened & collapsed her umbrella several times and shouted as she did it. Apparently the bear, seeing and hearing the commotion, ambled into the woods leaving the road to Mabel.

She was married to William Gorden STEWART (son of Joseph STEWART and Esther Maria NEWSON) on 2 Apr 1902 in Cherry Grove Twp., Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. William Gorden STEWART was born on 25 Mar 1879 in Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada. Will moved from Ontario to Wexford Co., Michigan on 17 March 1889. In 1900 he was farming the Darcy Farm in Wexford Co. He died on 21 Aug 1958 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. He died of a massive stroke. He was buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, Cadillac, Michigan. Mabel Rose NIXON and William Gorden STEWART had the following children:

child+47 i. Lyle Foster4 STEWART.
child+48 ii. Frances Alma4 STEWART.
child+49 iii. Lawrence Gordon4 STEWART.
child+50 iv. Floyd4 STEWART.
child+51 v. Eloise Anna4 STEWART.
child+52 vi. Robert4 STEWART.
child+53 vii. Mabel Elaine4 STEWART.

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