47. Lyle Foster4 STEWART (Mabel Rose3 NIXON, Amos Van Buren2 NICKERSON, Jeremiah S.1 NICKERSON) was born on 11 Apr 1903 in Hobart, Wexford Co., Michigan. He died on 11 Dec 1981 in Lapeer, Lapeer Co., Michigan. He was buried in Lapeer Cemetery. Lyle was the manager of Lapeer Wood Products in 1934. Later in the 1930's he purchased and operated Herman's Cafe in Lapeer. He also was connected with an automobile dealership around that time. After that, for many years he was the County Clerk of Lapeer County, Michigan, an elected position which he won term after term. When he first decided to run for the position, he was from the same party as the incumbent who was a Republican. So he ran as a Democrat, won the election, and switched to the Republican party on which ticket he won the position each term thereafter. One of the county buildings in Lapeer County was named after Lyle which is a testament to the respect the county had for him. Obviously the polio that he contracted as a youth, which prevented him from ever walking again, did not prevent him from being a big success.

Lyle did much of the early genealogical research to trace Amos Nixon's ancestors and connect him and us to the Nickersons of Cape Cod. He did excellent genealogical research and we are all deeply indebted to him for his work.

He was married to Lucille BAINBRIDGE in Lapeer, Lapeer Co., Michigan. Lucille was a Registered Nurse who was in charge of the hospital at the Lapeer County Home. Lyle Foster STEWART and Lucille BAINBRIDGE had the following children:

child+95 i. Lyle Bainbridge5 STEWART.
child+96 ii. Carole Ann5 STEWART.

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