Although a considerable amount of my own original research has gone into this project, I also must acknowledge the help, hints, clues and encouragement that I have received from others. Without their influence and help, this project would never have been brought to its present state. Some of those on whom I have leaned are:

Lyle F. Stewart (1903 - 1981)
Lyle was my mother's cousin who did his own research on the Nixon/Nickerson side of the family and established that his grandfather (and my mother's grandfather) had changed his name from Nickerson to Nixon when he left his first wife after the Civil War and moved to Indiana. Lyle helped establish our family's connection with the Nickersons of Chatham, Massachusetts. For most of Lyle's career he was the elected County Clerk of Lapeer County, Michigan. He valued genealogical research and in my opinion did excellent work.

Frances (Stewart) Dobat (1906 - 1990) and Dorene (Dobat) Whitbey
Frances, a sister of Lyle above, kept meticulous records of family births, marriages, deaths, and causes of deaths. Her daughter Dorene has carried on the record-keeping and has generously provided many of these records for the Nickerson/Nixon genealogy.

I would also like to thank the countless others whose hints I may have forgotten which nevertheless may have lead to some major find. Please forgive my oversight if I failed to recall your contribution.