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353. Squire Nathaniel5 OWENS (Lucenia "Cena"4 HAWKINS, Zadock3 HAWKINS, Zadock2 HAWKINS, Zadock1 HAWKINS) was born in May 1850 in Indiana, USA. He appeared on the 1850 U.S. Census with his parents in Marshall Co., Indiana. In 1860 he appeared on the census with them again in Union Twp. , Marshall Co., Indiana. Although his name was Squire N. Owens in early censuses, the Nathaniel Owens in the later censuses is unmistakably the same person because his son was born in Kansas around 1872, a state to which Squire's parents emigrated in 1869. However, Squire N. returned to Indiana because he provided affidavits under the name S. N. Owens for his brother, Elijah Owens. Affidavits were provided from Hammond, Lake Co., Indiana.

He was married to Sarah E.. Nathan and Sarah appeared on the 1870 U.S. Census in Union Twp., Marshall Co., Indiana. In 1880 they appeared on the census in nearby West Twp., Marshall Co., Indiana. Between 1880 and 1900 they moved to Hammond, North Twp., Lake Co., Indiana where they appeared on the census in 1900. Sarah E. was born in Apr 1850 in Ohio, USA. She appears as Sarah E. Owens in the 1880 census and Sarah L. Owens in the 1900 census. She clearly is the same person, as she and husband Nathaniel had been married 30 years in the 1900 census. In 1900 she is listed as the mother of only one child, with no children living at time of the 1900 census. Squire Nathaniel OWENS and Sarah E. had the following children:

child986 i. Frederick6 OWENS was born about 1872 in Kansas, USA. He died before 20 Jun 1900.

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