ZADOCK HAWKINS Book Information

80. Mary Jane4 HAWKINS (Zadock3 HAWKINS, Zadock2 HAWKINS, Zadock1 HAWKINS) was born about 1825 in Kentucky, USA. She died about 1892. She probably died in Ottawa, La Salle Co., Illinois.

She was married to Ira D. WAY (son of Ira WAY and Mary A. SUTTON) on 15 Feb 1840 in Bartholomew Co., Indiana, USA. Ira and Mary Jane appeared on the 1850 U.S. Census in Richland Twp., Fulton Co., Indiana near many of the other relatives. In 1860 they appeared on the census in North Bend Twp., Starke Co., Indiana, only a few miles from where they had lived ten years earlier. They removed to Illinois, probably around 1865, because one of their sons was born there around 1866. They seem to have settled in the Marshall Co., Illinois or Putnam Co., Illinois area as many of the family members appeared there in subsequent years. Mary Jane appeared on the 1880 U.S. Census in Magnolia Twp., Putnam Co., Illinois. Dr. Hawkins' book indicates that Ira and Mary Jane settled in Arkansas. However, there doesn't seem to be any other information to suggest they ever spent time in that state. Since Mary Jane's sister Lucenia and part of her family were in Arkansas at least around 1900, it is possible the locations of the two sisters got mixed up. Ira D. WAY was born on 22 Apr 1819 in Kentucky, USA. His middle name may have been David, as his maternal grandfather's name was David. He died on 4 Jan 1872 in Putnam Co., Illinois, most likely. He was buried in Magnolia Cemetery, Putnam Co., Illinois. Mary Jane HAWKINS and Ira D. WAY had the following children:

child+393 i. Eliza J.5 WAY.
child+394 ii. Druzilla Persis5 WAY.
child395 iii. Lucina M.5 WAY was born on 13 Jan 1846 in Fulton Co., Indiana. She died on 19 Jan 1846 in Fulton Co., Indiana.
child+396 iv. Margaret A.5 WAY.
child397 v. Maryetta5 WAY was born on 27 Apr 1849 in Fulton Co., Indiana, most likely. She died on 9 Jan 1850 in Fulton Co., Indiana.
child+398 vi. Sophrona Frances5 WAY.
child399 vii. Ibby A.5 WAY was born on 30 Nov 1852. She died on 1 Sep 1858 in Starke Co., Indiana, USA.
child+400 viii. Ira Zadock5 WAY.
child+401 ix. William Perry5 WAY.
child402 x. Mary Elizabeth5 WAY was born on 15 May 1859. She died on 3 Feb 1860 in Starke Co., Indiana, USA.
child+403 xi. Nancy Ellen5 WAY.
child+404 xii. Eli Tingle5 WAY.
child405 xiii. Squire Allen5 WAY was born on 1 Apr 1868 in Illinois, USA. He died on 19 Oct 1917 in Peoria, Peoria Co., Illinois. He was buried in Springdale Cemetery in Peoria. He probably went by the name Allen.

She was married to Thomas LOWE Sr. on 17 Mar 1881 in Magnolia Twp., Putnam Co., Illinois. Thomas LOWE Sr. was born about 1810 in England. He died on 19 Mar 1886.

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