36. Jennie Rosetta3 STEWART (Charles Ewells2 STEWART, Benjamin1 STEWART) was born on 10 MAR 1878 in Conklin, Ottawa Co., Michigan, USA. She appeared on the 1880 U.S. Census with her parents in Chester Twp., Ottawa Co., Michigan. She died on 22 NOV 1931 in Manton, Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. She died of cancer. She was buried at Greenwood Twp. Cemetery in Wexford Co., Michigan. According to her granddaughter, Gloria (GERREN) BELLAIRS, Jennie was the peacemaker among her sisters and was a terrific lady who made sure Gloria was well taken care of.

She was married to Charles H. GERREN (son of Samuel GERREN and Mary LITTLE) before 1896. Charles and Jennie appeared on the 1900 U.S. Census in Antioch Twp., Wexford Co., Michigan. In 1920 they appeared on the census in Colfax Twp. , Wexford Co., Michigan. Charles H. GERREN was born in DEC 1874 in Indiana, USA. Census records suggest he was born in 1874. His death record suggests his birth was in 1873. He resided before 1896 in Antioch Twp., Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. He resided in JAN 1931 in Indiana, USA. He died on 24 FEB 1974 in Mt. Pleasant, Isabella Co., Michigan, USA. He died of pneumonia and "probably flue" at Central Michigan Community Hospital. He was living in Clare, Clare Co., Michigan at the time of his death. Charles farmed in Greenwood Twp., Wexford Co., Michigan in the summers. In the winters he worked in a factory in Lansing, Michigan. Charles was self employed as the owner of the Tree Surgery Co. according to his death record. Jennie Rosetta STEWART and Charles H. GERREN had the following children:

child148 i. Floyd Alonzo4 GERREN was born in AUG 1896. He appeared with his parents on the 1900 U.S. Census in Antioch Twp., Wexford Co., Michigan. He died before 1950.
child+149 ii. Lyle M.4 GERREN.

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