Although a considerable amount of my own original research has gone into this project, I also must acknowledge the help, hints, clues and encouragement that I have received from others. Without their influence and help, this project would never have been brought to its present state.

Eva (Stewart) Garn, my grandmother, and her siblings and other Stewart and Hillard relatives
In 1938 my grandmother, her siblings and a number of her Stewart and Hillard cousins and relatives got together and held a family reunion which was known as the Stewart - Hillard Family Reunion. This group continued having family reunions until some time in the 1970s. Someone in that group had the foresight to start compiling notes on the Stewart and Hillard families. These notes have been invaluable in identifying and tracking my Stewart and Hillard cousins. The Stewarts and Hillards in this genealogy are indebted to whomever had the foresight to record information about these families.

Neva Royer
Neva is the step daughter of Elgie Stewart, my second cousin twice removed. She provided invaluable clues and information about my Stewart relatives. The first time I talked with her around 1985, she was nearly blind. She was totally blind when I visited her after that. Although she was born near the turn of the century, she is still living and her mind is "sharp as a tack." Her recollections of the Stewart family have proved to be accurate and invaluable. Whenever I would check a census or other record for information, names and locations she gave, they were always correct.

Ruthe B. Stewart (1918 - 1985)
Ruthe Stewart compiled a record of the descendants of Omar Lowell Stewart. She kindly provided me a copy. I regret she is no longer living to help discover other Stewart ancestors.

I would also like to thank the countless others whose hints I may have forgotten which nevertheless may have lead to some major find. Please forgive my oversight if I failed to recall your contribution.