20. Giles Elliott3 STEWART (Alexander H.2 STEWART, Benjamin1 STEWART) was born on 20 SEP 1880 in Ottawa Co., Michigan. He died on 14 DEC 1974 in Muskegon Co., Michigan, USA. He was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Montague, Michigan.

He was married to Gertrude JAKEWAY (daughter of Horace JAKEWAY and Celesita WEEKS) about 1902. Gertrude JAKEWAY was born on 6 JUL 1885 in Michigan, USA. She died on 13 DEC 1910 in Wisconsin. She died of acute tuberculosis. She was buried in Fosterville, Wisconsin. Giles Elliott STEWART and Gertrude JAKEWAY had the following children:

child86 i. Ernest4 STEWART was born in 1903 in Meauwataka, Colfax Twp., Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. He died before AUG 2001. At some point in his life he changed his name to Jack Adams. The reason for the change is not known.
child+87 ii. Asa Alexander4 STEWART.

He was married to Jessie Belle AMES (daughter of Eli Jason AMES and Bertha Mary IVET) on 25 JUL 1916 in Muskegon Co., Michigan, USA. They lived in Muskegon, Michigan in 1960. Jessie Belle AMES was born on 28 DEC 1898 in Moorland, Muskegon Co., Michigan. She died on 3 SEP 1956 in Ravenna, Muskegon Co., Michigan. She was buried in Hilton Cemetery. Giles Elliott STEWART and Jessie Belle AMES had the following children:

child88 i. Vivian4 STEWART. She died at birth.
child+89 ii. Clarabelle4 STEWART.
child+90 iii. Lillian Frances4 STEWART.
child91 iv. Janette4 STEWART. She died at birth.
child+92 v. Louise Catherine4 STEWART.
child+93 vi. Pearl Mae4 STEWART.
child+94 vii. Violet Goldie4 STEWART.
child+95 viii. William Donald4 STEWART.
child+96 ix. Dorothy May4 STEWART.
child+97 x. Roy Daniel4 STEWART.
child+98 xi. Earl Elliot4 STEWART.
child+99 xii. Giles Elliot "Alec"4 STEWART Jr..
child+100 xiii. Mary Ann4 STEWART.
child101 xiv. Donald4 STEWART. He died at birth.

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