ZADOCK HAWKINS Book Information

1037. George Eleazor6 REED (Mary Eliza5 HAWKINS, Ezra Eleazer4 HAWKINS, Zadock3 HAWKINS, Zadock2 HAWKINS, Zadock1 HAWKINS) died about 1928 in Minnesota, most likely. He was born in Adams Co., Indiana, USA. Some of George Reed's descendants were reported to be living in Portland and Eugene, Oregon, in November, 2000.

He was married to Leota M. CHRISMAN (daughter of William CHRISMAN and Eliza June BOWDEN) in Geneva, Adams Co., Indiana. George and Leota lived in Ray, North Dakota from around 1907 until 1920. Dr. Hawkins book gives the following about George and Leota: George Reed deserted his family in 1920 and nothing was heard from him until 1928 when his wife received a message stating that he had been killed in a car accident in Minnesota. Having no positive proof of this, however, Mrs. Reed applied for and was granted a divorce and later married a Mr. Hodenfield and is now [1933] living at Wheelock, North Dakota.

He was divorced from Leota M. CHRISMAN. Leota M. CHRISMAN was born on 8 Jul 1889 in Geneva, Adams Co., Indiana. She resided in 1933 in Wheelock, North Dakota. She died on 26 Jul 1956. George Eleazor REED and Leota M. CHRISMAN had the following children:

child1981 i. Charles W.7 REED was born on 31 Jul 1907 in Ray, Williams Co., North Dakota. He was buried in Zion Church Cemetery, Cando, Towner Co., North Dakota.
child+1982 ii. Clara B.7 REED.
child+1983 iii. Joseph George7 REED.
child+1984 iv. William Edward7 REED.
child+1985 v. Ruth Deloros7 REED.

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