ZADOCK HAWKINS Book Information

83. Lydia Olive4 HAWKINS (William Wilmot3 HAWKINS, Reuben2 HAWKINS, Zadock1 HAWKINS) was born on 5 Jan 1829 in Maidstone, Essex Co., Vermont. Her name appears interchangeably as both Olive Lydia Hawkins and Lydia Olive Hawkins. She died on 13 Sep 1913 in Guildhall, Essex Co., Vermont.

She was married to Albert Smith CHASE (son of Christopher Lovell CHASE and Fanny) on 21 Mar 1846 in Maidstone, Essex Co., Vermont. Albert Smith CHASE was born about Sep 1825 in Colebrook, Coos Co., New Hampshire, USA. This birth date is derived from his age at death, 35 years and 4 months. He died on 28 Jan 1861 in Maidstone, Essex Co., Vermont. A record names his father as Christopher Chase. Another names his father Lovitt Chase. His father may have been named Christopher Chase with middle name Lovitt or Lovell since his oldest child had that middle name. Another report listed Albert's mother's surname as Coffman. Unfortunately we have not been able to verify any of these reports about Albert' s parents.
Lydia Olive HAWKINS and Albert Smith CHASE had the following children:

child+412 i. William Lovell5 CHASE.
child+413 ii. Charles A.5 CHASE.
child414 iii. Allen Andrew5 CHASE was born about 1851 in Vermont. He appears as Andrew A. Chase and Allen Chase on various records. It is not known which is actually his first name.
child+415 iv. Otis W.5 CHASE.
child416 v. Fanny F.5 CHASE was born about 1856 in Vermont.
child+417 vi. Edwin Clarence5 CHASE.
child+418 vii. Henry Eugene5 CHASE.

She was married to Manson SPRINGER (son of Mark SPRINGER) on 5 Apr 1864 in Brunswick, Essex Co., Vermont, USA. Manson SPRINGER was born about 1836 in New Hampshire, USA. He died about 1910. His father died young and his mother, a Covell/Covil by birth, from Colebrook, Vermont, returned to her maiden name or remarried to someone with her surname. Lydia Olive HAWKINS and Manson SPRINGER had the following children:

child+419 i. Lydia Ann5 SPRINGER.
child+420 ii. John Manson5 SPRINGER.

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