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Lynn E. Garn, Ph.D.
Ronnie Eugene Hawkins, Sr.
G. Christian Larsen

detailsThe quality of your book calls for superlatives in its description! It reads almost like a novel. I can't call myself an expert on similar books but I have seen many in my many years of doing genealogy. Yours is by far the very best I have seen. - Wilma (Carroll) Hillman of Ohio and descendant of Thomas Hawkins, person #10.

detailsThe fabulous book arrived today! My husband said that for anyone doing genealogy, it would be worth a million dollars. He was very impressed. - Katherine (Mingay) Prout of Ontario and descendant of William Wilmot Hawkins, person #3.

detailsWhat an absolutely magnificent piece of work... We're impressed. You've done a tremendous amount of work. The descendants of Zadock owe you a big debt. - Jean (Overmyer) Essley of Oklahoma and a descendant of Zadock Hawkins, person #4.

detailsI loved it!! It has been so much fun reading all about the Hawkins family including my small branch. Thanks you. Thank you. - Marjorie MacNeill of Vermont and a descendant of Reuben Hawkins, person #7.

detailsI have barely put it down since its arrival. The inclusion of bits of history and the conditions under which our ancestors lived makes it a fascinating book for anyone to read, even someone not directly related. The personal stories and pictures also add greatly to its appeal making it much more than the usual genealogical record of names and dates. - Elinor (Owens) Chilcote of Michigan and a descendant of Zadock Hawkins, person #4.

detailsWhat a wonderful book.... I have only begun to examine the contents. But for a beginning, page 98, and my Grandfather, Robert William Hawkins. Your kind remarks re[garding] the family tree he so carefully prepared at such an advanced age. [About 1933 when he was over 80 years old.] The memory it evokes is that of myself, in Grandfather's study, listening to his stories of pioneer days in the townships. He was frail, wrapped in a small blanket, his feet clad in plaid slippers.... I thank you again for the enormous pleasure your book gives me. - Ila (Hawkins) Leach, age 87, of Ontario and a descendant of William Wilmot Hawkins, person #3.

detailsIt is really a saga - will stand the test of time, particularly with all of the historical detail that you have included. - Marian (Morrison) Elder of British Columbia and mother-in-law of Laurie Mae Wilcox, a descendant of William Wilmot Hawkins, person #3.

detailsWOW!! You should be extemely pleased. The book is well done and very informative for anyone descended from this family. - Judy McCollough, Historical Archive Manager, Marshall County Historical Society, Marshall County, Indiana

detailsYou and your co-authors have done a very nice job creating a well-organized, scholarly text. - David Taylor of North Carolina and spouse of a descendant of Thomas Hawkins, person #10.

detailsI loved the detailed references... great job. - Donna (Dunlop) Di Lello of Ontario and a descendant of William Wilmot Hawkins, person #3.

detailsWow what can I say. Your book is wonderful! What an exciting new book for our library. - Daniel B. Steadman of California and a descendant of Zadock Hawkins, person #4.

detailsWe received the book today and what a GREAT job all of you did. - Linda (Hodge) Haley of Missouri and wife of Michael Roy Haley, a descendant of William Wilmot Hawkins, person #3.

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