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This web site is devoted to Zadock Hawkins, his wife, Lydia Wilmot, and their descendants.

Ron Hawkins, G. Christian Larsen and I recently completed a book about the family of Zadock and Lydia (Wilmot) Hawkins. This book, entitled THE FAMILY OF ZADOCK HAWKINS is now available. Find out the details by clicking on the title of the book.

Zadock Hawkins was born around 1733 in Connecticut. He served in the Revolutionary War and died while in the service. This web site tracks his descendants to places in both the United States and Canada, primarily to Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, New Brunswick, and Ontario. However, we have tracked his descendants to most of the Canadian provinces, every state in the United States and many other countries.

Around 1933 Dr. Zed T. Hawkins, a descendant of Zadock (1733) Hawkins, wrote a book entitled, "One Hundred Fifty Years of the Hawkins Family, 1783 - 1933," in which he told about his grandfather, Zadock (1782) Hawkins, and his descendants. At the time Dr. Hawkins wrote that book, the ancestors of Zadock (1782) were not known. The evidence and explication for placing Zadock (1782) Hawkins in the family of Zadock (1733) Hawkins appear in an article on page 106 of the April 2001 issue of The American Genealogist and in the book.

Also around 1933 another descendant of Zadock (1733) Hawkins, Roger Hawkins, compiled a list of descendants of one "Eli" William Wilmot Hawkins whose descendants ended up mainly in Canada. Roger Hawkins was not aware that "Eli" William Wilmot Hawkins was also a descendant of Zadock (1733) Hawkins. However there is compelling evidence for placing him in the family of Zadock (1733) Hawkins. The evidence and explication appear in the article on page 106 of the April 2001 issue of The American Genealogist and in the book.

We would love to hear from you if you connect with this family or if you'd like an opinion about a possible connection. Please contact me at HAWKINS GENEALOGY EMAIL

Some Surnames found in the Hawkins family tree:
Borden, Buck, Chick, Copeland or Coplen, Drake, Fetters, Finney, Garn, Gwartney, Haley, Hawkins, Hill, Iliff, Jolley, Joseph, Justason, Lock, Major, Marshall, McDonald, McMillan or McMullin, Moody, Moore, Murphy, Norman, Overmyer, Owens, Paul, Race, Reed, Reynolds, Roberts, Spear, Stowman, Turner, Vance, Waldo, Wallace, and Way.

Please check the entire Surname List and Index of Names for people that may be related to you. If you are part of this family, please contact me.

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