220. Mabel Mae5 STYLES (Agnes4 PRINGLE, Ada May3 STEWART, Alexander H.2 STEWART, Benjamin1 STEWART) was born on 6 FEB 1908 in Muskegon, Michigan, USA. Her parents, Agnes and Rolla R. Buck, were not married. Her father, Rolla, was killed in a fall from a water tower, on which he was working, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, shortly before Mabel was born. Why Agnes and Rolla had not married is a mystery. Family members said her Agnes' father did not approve of the match. Mabel was named Margaret Mae Pringle at birth and given up for adoption. Ollo E. and Clara D. (Hearl) Styles adopted her and renamed her. Rolla Buck's parents were William T. and Delia (Payne) Buck. Clara (Hearl) Styles was a niece of Delia (Payne) Buck. The Buck family wanted her to remain in the family. She died on 21 JAN 1995 in Whitehall, Michigan.

She was married to George SARGENT Jr. on 27 JUL 1927. Mabel Mae STYLES and George SARGENT Jr. had the following children:

child448 i. Norman Ollo6 SARGENT.
child449 ii. daughter6 SARGENT was born on 7 MAY 1933. She died on 7 MAY 1933. She was stillborn.
child+450 iii. Frederick Louis6 SARGENT.

She was married to Loyd MASON.

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