162. Dr. Carl T.4 RAUCH (Laura Fidelia3 STEWART, Charles Ewells2 STEWART, Benjamin1 STEWART). Carl was a track star. He set the Cadillac High School record in the 880 yd run in 1937, running the race in 2 minutes and 1 second. His record stood until around 1990. He went to Western Michigan University on a track scholarship and ran on their track team also. He never lost an 880 yd run that he entered either in high school or in college. In spite of this, when he married during his sophomore year at Western Michigan University, the coach, fearing it would taint the others on the track team to have a married man on the team, kicked him off the team. That certainly is difficult to understand in light of the way athletes are treated today. Over 60 years after setting the Cadillac High School record in the 880 yd run, he was inducted into the Cadillac High School Sports Hall of Fame.

He was a Squadron Commander in New Guinea during World War II, the youngest Squadron Commander in the Pacific Theater at the time.

After World War II, he entered Medical School at the University of Michigan, graduating in 1953. He practiced medicine at Cheboygan, Michigan, until 1972 and then went to the Detroit, Michigan, area where he opened and operated two clinics specializing in industrial medicine. He also opened and operated an industrial medicine clinic in Philadelphia. He retired from medical practice in 1981.

He was married to Freda ANDERSON (daughter of Adolph ANDERSON and Emma SMITH). Freda ANDERSON was born on 6 JUL 1920 in Wexford Co., Michigan. She was born in or near Cadillac. She died on 10 NOV 1985 in Lake City, Columbia Co., Florida. Dr. Carl T. RAUCH and Freda ANDERSON had the following children:

child375 i. Carl Thomas5 RAUCH.
child376 ii. William Emmett5 RAUCH.
child377 iii. Kathryn Joan5 RAUCH.
child378 iv. Rondi Suzanne5 RAUCH.
child379 v. Kelly Susan5 RAUCH.

He was married to Martha D. DANIELS.

Olwyn May GATEHOUSE resided in 1943 in Australia. She believes her surname was originally Gutehaus and that her grandfather changed it to Gatehouse. Olwyn May and Carl met while he was stationed in the Pacific during World War II.
Dr. Carl T. RAUCH and Olwyn May GATEHOUSE had the following children:

child380 i. Michael5 WHITE. Michael was born while Carl was stationed in the Pacific during World War II. Around that time the military moved Carl back to the United States mainland where his wife and oldest son were living at the time. Michael was adopted by Mr. White. Carl lost all touch with his son until after he had married his second wife, Martha, in 1986. Upon telling Martha that he had a son in Australia, Martha insisted that they go to Australia to find him. They were soon on their way to the town in Australia where Michael's mother had lived. There they found and reestablished contact with Michael. In the years since that first contact Carl and Michael have come to know each other well. Michael knows and has visited all of Carl's other children. Carl and Michael have vacationed together including backpacking trip in Asia.

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