30. Wilton3 STEWART (Andrew J.2 STEWART, Benjamin1 STEWART) was born on 31 JAN 1877. He was adopted. He appeared on the 1880 U.S. Census with his parents in Chester Twp., Ottawa Co., Michigan. He died on 28 MAY 1899 in Ottawa Co., Michigan, most likely. He died of typhoid fever. He was buried in McNitt Cemetery, Conklin, Michigan. The book, "Top of the County" has the following information about Wilton:
On September 3, 1898, Wilton was united in marriage to Elza [sic] Anna PURSER of Grand Rapids. She was formerly of Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England. Wilton became ill with thyphoid [sic] fever and passed away at the age of 22, May 30, 1899. He left his wife and folks. His daughter was born on the old farm homestead January 4, 1900 - her name, Amy (STEWART) JABLONSKI... Amy married Thomas JABLONSKI February, 1918. They made their home on the farm and raised five children.

He was married to Eliza Anna PURSER (daughter of James PURSER and Martha HILTON) on 3 SEP 1898. Eliza Anna appeared on the 1900 U.S. Census in Chester Twp., Ottawa Co. , Michigan, in the household of her father-in-law, Andrew STEWART, her husband having died about a year earlier. Eliza Anna PURSER was born on 6 MAR 1878 in Pavenham, Bedfordshire, England. She appeared as a three-year-old on the 1881 British Census in Pavenham with her widowed mother and ten-year-old sister Elizabeth [sic]. She came to the United States in 1895. She died on 3 JUN 1955 in West Covina, California. She died of a heart attack at the home of her [step] grandson, Russel RAAP, according to her daughter, Amy (Stewart) JABLONSKI.
Wilton STEWART and Eliza Anna PURSER had the following children:

child+119 i. Amy Maude4 STEWART.

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