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92. Jacob7 GARN (John6 GARN, Johannes5 GERN, Johann Adam4 GERN, Johannes3 GERN, David2 GERN, Johannes1 GERN) was born on 8 Dec 1798 in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, USA. He died on 26 Sep 1879 in Madison Twp., Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA, most likely. Find A Grave, , Memorial# 83420468, age at death gives birth date reported here. McBride and Capener, p. 116 report birth on 4 June 1798. We are not sure which is correct. He is named in his father's will.

He was married to Elizabeth BIDDLE (daughter of Andrew BIDDLE and Margaret SHOENFELT) on 26 May 1825 in Greenfield Twp., Blair Co., Pennsylvania, USA. McBride and Capener report that they were married in St. Clair Twp., Bedford Co., Pennsylvania. They were actually married in Greenfield Twp., Blair Co., Pennsylvania, which at the time was part of Bedford County. Elizabeth BIDDLE was born on 23 Oct 1807 in St. Clair, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, USA. She died on 10 Sep 1889 in Madison Twp., Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA, most likely. Jacob GARN and Elizabeth BIDDLE had the following children:

child+245 i. John8 GARN.
child+246 ii. Andrew8 GARN.
child247 iii. Jacob8 GARN was born on 10 Dec 1828 in Richland Co., Ohio, USA, most likely. He died on 22 Jan 1866 in Gibsonburg, Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA.
child248 iv. Sheriotty8 GARN was born on 10 Nov 1829 in Seneca Co., Ohio, USA, most likely. She died on 18 Oct 1831 in Seneca Co., Ohio, USA, most likely. There is a grave marker for her in the West Union Cemetery in Gibsonburg that spells her name Charlotte and reports a birth on 16 November 1829. The spelling of her name and birth date that we report are from McBride and Capener. We do not know which is correct.
child+249 v. Milton8 GARN.
child+250 vi. Elizabeth8 GARN.
child+251 vii. Margaret Ann8 GARN.
child+252 viii. Elijah8 GARN.
child+253 ix. Adam B.8 GARN.
child+254 x. Tobias8 GARN.
child+255 xi. Susanna8 GARN.
child+256 xii. Peter8 GARNS.
child+257 xiii. Samuel8 GARNS.
child+258 xiv. Daniel8 GARN.
child+259 xv. David8 GARN.
child+260 xvi. Levi8 GARN.

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