Video of Lionel Ann Arbor Railroad Diesel Locomotive

by Lynn E. Garn, Ph.D.

The movie below shows my Ann Arbor Railroad diesel locomotive pulling freight cars on the layout.

This is a movie of my Ann Arbor Railroad locomotive. When I discovered that Lionel had made an Ann Arbor diesel locomotive, I had to have one, for two reasons. First, at least three of my uncles worked on the line. My uncle Lee Scarbrough worked on the Ann Arbor Railroad for many years, probably his whole career. And Uncles Wilbur and Harlan Nixon also worked on the line when they were young according to one of Uncle Wilbur's daughters. The second reason I had to have one is that the Ann Arbor Railroad line ran about a mile east of where I grew up. The line also had a spur that ran about a mile south of where I grew up. Lee Scarbrough was the husband of Florence "Irene" Holly Scarbrough, who was my mother's half sister. Uncles Wilbur and Harlan Nixon were Mother's brothers.

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