The Making Of My Lionel Model Train Layout

by Lynn E. Garn, Ph.D.

The links below are to a series of pictures taken at various times during the building of my model train layout.

Candidate Layout

Before I built my table, I tested several candidate layouts on the living room floor. This is one of the candidates. Click here or on image to enlarge.

Another Candidate Layout

This shows the train table that I built and painted green. It has another candidate layout on the table. Click here or on image to enlarge.

Improved Layout

This shows the final layout with the backdrop added and the trestle built on the outside ring of track. Click here or on image to enlarge.

Start at adding scenery.

This shows my start at modeling the scenery on the table with Styrofoam forms that fit between the tracks. You can see the beginning of my stream and pond even though the area that I laid out for them still has green paint under it. Click here or on image to enlarge.

More progress on scenery

This shows an intermediate step in creating the scenery with Styrofoam forms painted and grass added. You can also see that the stream and pond have been painted brown. I've also added some of the buildings to test possible locations for them. Click here or on image to enlarge.

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Last Revision: 26 November 2015