98. Eva Della5 STEWART (Mary Elizabeth4 HILLARD, Henry J.3 HILLARD, Thomas Jefferson2 HILLARD, Richmond A.1 HILLARD) was born on 8 OCT 1894 in Meauwataka, Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. She appeared on the 1900 and 1910 U.S. Censuses with her parents in Colfax Twp., [Meauwataka], Wexford Co., Michigan. She died on 16 JAN 1993 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., Michigan, USA.

She was married to Archie Edwin GARN (son of Martin GARN and Sarah Jane HAWKINS) on 21 OCT 1911 in Cadillac, Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. Records provided by Eva indicate she was married 22 Oct. 1911, not 21 Oct. 1911 as indicated on her marriage record. Archie and Eva lived in Meauwataka, Wexford Co., Michigan around 1911. After that they lived in Cadillac and Boon, both in Wexford Co., Michigan. In 1952 they were living in Manton, Wexford Co., Michigan, where they lived until Archie's death. Eva continued to live in Manton for several years after Archie's death. Archie Edwin GARN was born on 29 JUL 1887 in Meauwataka, Wexford Co., Michigan, USA. Archie appeared with his father on the 1900 U.S. Census in Eden Twp., Mason Co., Michigan, his mother having died eight years earlier. He died on 21 FEB 1958 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., Michigan, USA. Archie delivered mail for the post office for a number of years. Later he worked for the Michigan Highway Department making signs. He also worked of the St. Johns Table Factory in Cadillac where he designed furniture including tables, chairs, and cabinets. He also designed cabinets for console radios. Eva Della STEWART and Archie Edwin GARN had the following children:

child+185 i. Gerald Bernard6 GARN.
child+186 ii. Stewart Darrell6 GARN.
child+187 iii. Amber June6 GARN.
child+188 iv. Shirley Ann6 GARN.

She was married to Raymond Leslie HOUSE in Corunna, Shiawassee, Michigan, USA. Their marriage was performed by Ralph E. SCOTT, husband of Eva's neice Gertrude (GARN) SCOTT and witnessed by Eva's son Stewart and his wife Helen. Raymond Leslie HOUSE was born about 1895. He died before 1993.

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