Temporary Email Address Is:

address image


This email address is a temporary address that may be used to contact us at this time.

It will change whenever the junk mail arriving at the address becomes bothersome. So it may change frequently.

Be sure you copy the address correctly when you send us a message. If you use an incorrect address, we will never receive the message. Messages sent to incorrect addresses are deleted by our mail server without even notifying us. And you will never be notified that the message was discarded.

If you wish to contact us in the future, please check this site to be sure you have the current "correct" address.

If you send us a message at an old "Temporary Address" that has expired, it will be treated like any other message sent to an incorrect address and will be discarded.

The reply you receive will be from Lynn E. Garn and will have a subject line that is something like "World War II Information." It will come from another email account that we have at Comcast.net.

We regret any inconvenience caused by asking you to copy the address from the image instead of providing an automatic link. Since we receive many junk or SPAM emails each day, we feel this is the only way to keep ahead of the SPAM generators.