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868. Cora Belle9 GARN (Martin8 GARN, Susanna7 GARN, John6 GARN, Johannes5 GERN, Johann Adam4 GERN, Johannes3 GERN, David2 GERN, Johannes1 GERN) was born on 16 Dec 1876 in Beatrice, Gage Co., Nebraska, USA. She appeared with her parents on the 1880 U.S. Census in Beatrice Twp., Gage Co., Nebraska. She died on 5 Feb 1948 in Manton, Wexford Co., Michigan, USA.

She was married to Clarence Marion LARR (son of George Francis LARR and Alwilda BROWN) on 30 Mar 1895 in Scottville, Mason Co., Michigan. Cora was living in "Eden," Michigan and Clarence was living in Custer, Michigan at the time of their marriage. Eden clearly was Eden Twp., Mason Co., Michigan. They appeared on the 1920 U.S. Census in Caldwell Twp. , Missaukee Co., Michigan. Clarence Marion LARR was born on 17 Oct 1871 in Bridgewater Twp., Williams Co., Ohio, USA. He died on 12 Jun 1952 in Caldwell Twp., Missaukee Co., Michigan, USA. Cora Belle GARN and Clarence Marion LARR had the following children:

child1342 i. Lolo Loretta10 LARR was born on 16 Sep 1895 in Mason Co., Michigan. Some references give her name as Lolo and others as Lola. More than one of her cousins attested that the spelling was Lola. However, other close relatives report that her name was definitely spelled Lolo. She appeared on the 1920 U.S. Census with her parents in Caldwell Twp., Missaukee Co. , Michigan. She died on 1 May 1987 in Traverse City, Grand Traverse Co., Michigan, USA.
child+1343 ii. Maude May10 LARR.
child+1344 iii. George Martin10 LARR.
child+1345 iv. Minnie Alwilda10 LARR.
child+1346 v. Leo Pearl10 LARR.
child+1347 vi. Dee Clifford10 LARR.
child+1348 vii. Nellie Ruth10 LARR.
child+1349 viii. Dorothy Gladys10 LARR.
child+1350 ix. Dale Marion10 LARR.

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