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419. Henry J.8 GARN (Jacob7 GARN, Adam6 GARN, Conrad5 GERN, Johann Adam4 GERN, Johannes3 GERN, David2 GERN, Johannes1 GERN) was born on 16 Jun 1839 in Mohican Twp., Ashland Co., Ohio, USA, most likely. He died on 23 May 1924 in Plain Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio, USA.

He was married to Sarah EWING (daughter of John EWING and Eleanor MOWREY) on 14 Nov 1861 in Ashland Co., Ohio, USA. Sarah EWING was born on 5 Nov 1844 in Ohio, USA. She died on 26 May 1921 in Plain Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio, USA. Henry J. GARN and Sarah EWING had the following children:

child980 i. John J.9 GARN was born about 1862 in Ashland Co., Ohio, USA. He died on 6 Aug 1888 in Plain Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio, USA. Although his death record suggests a birth about 1863, he appears on the 1870 U.S. Federal Census as a 9-year-old and on the 1880 Census as a 17-year-old.
child+981 ii. Rolandus M.9 GARN.
child982 iii. Sarah9 GARN was born about 1864 in Ashland Co., Ohio, USA. She died on 12 Jan 1879 in Plain Twp., Wayne Co., Ohio, USA. She appears as 7-year-old Sarah on the 1870 Census of her parents. We believe she died young. Her mother's obituary reports that she had ten children, that two died in infancy and John and Eliz [sic] died as young adults. This leaves six who were still living when the obituary was written. We can show that all of the eight children listed for Henry and wife Sarah, except John and Sarah, were living when their mother's obituary was written because they are mentioned as survivors in Henry's obituary and he died after his wife. Therefore the daughter Sarah appearing on the 1870 Census had to have died young. We further believe she was known by both Eliz and Sarah since her mother's obituary names a daughte Eliz and that she is the Eliz whose death is reported in the Wayne Co., Ohio, death records even though the record does not name parents.
child+983 iv. Alva B.9 GARN.
child+984 v. Sylvester9 GARN.
child+985 vi. Samuel G.9 GARN.
child+986 vii. Eli9 GARN.
child+987 viii. Clara Vietta9 GARN.

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