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55. Conrad6 GARN (Conrad5 GERN, Johann Adam4 GERN, Johannes3 GERN, David2 GERN, Johannes1 GERN) was born on 31 Mar 1778 in Kürnbach, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany. He died on 30 May 1813 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, USA. He probably was the Conrad Gurn who died in Philadelphia on 30 May 1813. The family arrived at the port in Philadelphia in 1785 and the birth of Conrad's brother John Adam in New Jersey suggests that the family stayed in the area for a while after their arrival in Philadelphia. Also, the record indicates that he was 35 years old at the time. It appears that Conrad remained in Philadelphia after the rest of the family moved west. The record indicates that Conrad was married at the time. We have not found the name of his wife. And we have not searched for names of any children that might have been born to his marriage. The record also indicates that he was buried in the First Presbyterian cemetery.

He was married to Elizabeth about 1800. Elizabeth was born about 1782. She died on 2 Jun 1813 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania, USA. The report of her death is on the same piece of paper as the report of her husband's death. They are the only two names reported on the paper. A child of Mr. Gurn was reported to have died earlier and probably was this Conrad and Elizabeth's child.

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