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98. John7 GARN (John6 GARN, Johannes5 GERN, Johann Adam4 GERN, Johannes3 GERN, David2 GERN, Johannes1 GERN) was born on 5 May 1807 in St. Clair, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, USA. He died on 4 Jul 1868 in Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA. He is named in his father's will.

He was married to Catherine7 GARN (daughter of John GARN and Susannah SMITH) on 7 Feb 1833 in Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA. Catherine7 GARN was born about 1811 in Buffalo Mills, Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, USA. She died about 1840. The birth of her son in 1839 and her husband's remarriage in 1841 places her death around 1840. John GARN and Catherine GARN had the following children:

child+313 i. Hannah8 GARN.
child+314 ii. Maria8 GARN.
child+315 iii. Delilah8 GARN.
child+316 iv. John J.8 GARN.

He was married to Fanny KERNS on 28 Oct 1841 in Seneca Co., Ohio, USA. Fanny KERNS was born on 23 Mar 1813 in Ohio, USA. She died on 24 Nov 1886 in Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA, most likely. She was given the surname Ash in McBride and Capener. However, the appearance of two boys with surname Ash in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census of John and Fanny Garn (as Gern) convinces us that Ash was her married name and that she had a differen surname at birth. A marriage on 18 August 1836 in Sandusky Co., Ohio, between John Ash and Fanny Kerns is undoubtedly her first marriage. This seems to be confirmed by the death record of her son Silas, which reports his mother's name as Fanley Carns. Since his surname was clearly reported as Garn and hers as Carns, we believe she was not part of the Garn family. We do not know whether she preferred the Carns spelling on her son's death record or the Kerns spelling on the record of her first marriage.

John GARN and Fanny KERNS had the following children:

child317 i. Mary Etta8 GARN was born about 1842 in Millersville, Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA. She died on 24 Jun 1908 in Angola, Steuben Co., Indiana, USA. She never married.
child318 ii. William8 GARN was born on 17 Jul 1844 in Millersville, Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA. He died on 2 May 1869 in Sandusky Co., Ohio, USA. It was reported that he never married.
child+319 iii. Demas8 GARN.
child+320 iv. Sarah Ellen8 GARN.
child+321 v. Eliza Ann8 GARN.
child+322 vi. David C.8 GARN.
child+323 vii. Silas8 GARN.

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